Maggi Club Memoirs

Archive of Maggi Club memories from childhood

Maggi Club Memoirs is all about the experiences of being Maggi Club memmber from the childhood and excitement lived in so many years. 

Welcome to Maggi Club

If you've been Maggi Club Member in your childhood, this is the place to revive your nostalgic memories.

History of Maggi Club 2

Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles was launched in year 1983 as instant dish for children that can be cooked in 2 minute and doesn't require much of cooking knowledge. Initially it was launched at affordable pricing, but later on as the marketting cost increased Maggi Club Loyalty program was designed to keep the customers buying the instant noodles dish again and again.

Maggi Club Loyalty program was targeted to children below 14 years of age or between age group of 8 to 10 as they were biggest potential fans of Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles.

Idea was to keep the communication open with children and entertain and engage them with different gifts and new fun activities every year.  Children could become member of Maggi Club by sending 5 wrappers of Maggi 2 Minutes Noodle. Being a Maggi Club member entitled them to receive a Membership card and a book with details to order from option of 6 different Gifts. Ordering each Gift required 5 emty wrappers of Maggi Noodles. 

Eamples of the Gifts

  • Laws of the Jungle Game
  • Cap and Mask Set
  • Standees Set
  • Travel India Game
  • Snap Safari Game
  • Disney Today Comic

Appu Ghar was first ammusement park of India where tickets could be purchased at discount with Maggi Club membership. 


manu ramchandani
02-May-2020 12:11 am
i was maggi club member in my childhood , i had good memories.for my kids,i want to know is it still active?

kunal saxena
27-Apr-2020 07:07 pm
is it still active?

Rajeev kaura
20-Apr-2020 07:28 pm
I am a maggi club member and membership no. Is 192951. Now I am excited to participate in club activities. Please tell me how i can.

Abdul rauf
16-Apr-2020 07:48 pm
Pl membership again

Pranav pandey
13-Apr-2020 01:20 pm
In the early 1990's my brother Prashant Pandey along with his friend Rishi raj Singh and I were Maggi Club Members. I have v Found my membership card of the Maggi Club. Is it still running ? I would like to make my son also to experience the same..

31-Mar-2020 10:17 am
Pls send me games of my childhood one

26-Mar-2020 07:06 pm
Maggi Club, taught me the simple lessons of how to be graceful and enthusiastic about life, the process of collecting the 5 covers of the noodles, cutting the symbol part from it, sending it to New Delhi and eagerly waiting to get the surprising gifts, it was all nostalgic. The arrival of postman and handing over of the new gift in brown envelope made the day more and more brighter. Thank you Maggi Club for making the childhood very sweet. May be the new generation is equipped with advanced technologies, but they miss the true joy of Maggi Club, to be frank

Arati Tawri
02-Mar-2020 04:08 pm
I was the member during my childhood .Is this club still going on.How to be member again.My son wants to be member

11-Oct-2019 10:11 pm
Dear sir , I want maggi bird house pls send me

04-Sep-2019 12:20 am
Friends.. does any of you have the maggie murder mystery whodunit board game... please let me know.. would love to get a hold of it for my son!

22-Aug-2019 11:49 am
I was a Maggi Club member and had collected these gifts in my childhood! Can i become a member again?

22-Jun-2019 04:56 pm
Hai Hear to say very exiting I am a maggi club membership in 1991

04-Jun-2019 05:30 pm
I am a member of Maggi club and use to get lot of games in exchange of Maggi wrappers. Is ther a possiblity to get these games now as well?

08-Apr-2019 07:28 pm
I won't to join maggi club .

Ajay Goel
24-Mar-2019 06:26 pm
Hi This is Ajay Goel and I become member of Maggi club when I was 10 years old and now I am 42 and still I love to eat Maggi. However my children not believe on me that I was a member Can you please help me to get my membership details to show them Thanks and regards Ajay Goel Mob 9873428256

25-Oct-2018 04:22 pm
Me too was member of maggi club back in year 1992-1997 and was having every game collection of year.

Ankit Goel
18-May-2018 03:28 pm
I was member of MAGGI CLUB, and if remember correctly DOODLE DEW signature was on membership certificate and I still had that members brotch with me

Prashant Shirsat
14-May-2018 03:38 pm
Even me and brother was member of Maggie we had membership card. Now I want to make my daughter member so she can receive gifts from them...

Chinmay Mandal
07-May-2018 10:35 pm
I too miss those days. That time collecting 5 wrappers took a month.

Debopam Datta
13-Mar-2018 02:05 pm
In the early 1980's my brother Anupam Datta and I were Maggi Club Members. We have very fond memories of the Maggi Club. Is it still active? I would love my next generation to experience the same too.

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