Maggi Club Memoirs

Archive of Maggi Club memories from childhood

Maggi Club Memoirs is all about the experiences of being Maggi Club memmber from the childhood and excitement lived in so many years. 

Welcome to Maggi Club

If you've been Maggi Club Member in your childhood, this is the place to revive your nostalgic memories.

History of Maggi Club 2

Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles was launched in year 1983 as instant dish for children that can be cooked in 2 minute and doesn't require much of cooking knowledge. Initially it was launched at affordable pricing, but later on as the marketting cost increased Maggi Club Loyalty program was designed to keep the customers buying the instant noodles dish again and again.

Maggi Club Loyalty program was targeted to children below 14 years of age or between age group of 8 to 10 as they were biggest potential fans of Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles.

Idea was to keep the communication open with children and entertain and engage them with different gifts and new fun activities every year.  Children could become member of Maggi Club by sending 5 wrappers of Maggi 2 Minutes Noodle. Being a Maggi Club member entitled them to receive a Membership card and a book with details to order from option of 6 different Gifts. Ordering each Gift required 5 emty wrappers of Maggi Noodles. 

Eamples of the Gifts

  • Laws of the Jungle Game
  • Cap and Mask Set
  • Standees Set
  • Travel India Game
  • Snap Safari Game
  • Disney Today Comic

Appu Ghar was first ammusement park of India where tickets could be purchased at discount with Maggi Club membership. 


Praveenkumar RS
24-Jun-2022 07:59 pm
Hi Maggi team I used to be a part of Maggi club in my childhood. How can we again be a part of it and let our kid enjoy same fun Regards

Richa Malhotra
26-May-2022 01:22 pm
Hi Maggi team I used to be a part of Maggi club in my childhood. I remember all those cutting and collection of Maggi 2 minute logo on each pack of Maggi. How can we again be a part of it and let our kids enjoy same fun Regards

22-May-2022 01:36 pm
hey maggie i am atharv i want membership in maggie club thankyou

Ajay sharma
19-Apr-2022 11:17 am
02-May-2020 12:11 am i was maggi club member in my childhood , i had good memories.for my kids,i want to know is it still active?

Pratap singh Rawat
17-Apr-2022 09:16 am
I was also a member of maggi club in 1991. I received many games and letterheads for writing mails. After so many years I got a writing pad and I was lost in my old memories. Hope maggi club b started so that our current generation should evolve themselves.

04-Jan-2022 04:09 pm
Where do we have to send wrappers to become a member of maggi club??

28-Aug-2021 11:50 pm
I was club member in my childhood and had good memories. Unfortunately I lost my membership card and really wanted to show to my nephew but now I can't. Is it still active so I can apply for his membership

Tushar Shivalkar
04-Aug-2021 09:10 am
Hi! This is Tushar. I was a Maggi Club member when I was a kid and now I want my son to enjoy the same fun which I had in my childhood. My son is also a big fan of Maggi Noodles same I was. Please tell me how he can join the Maggie Club and enjoy the same fun.

Trishaan HALDER
29-May-2021 08:13 pm
Member maggi club

04-Mar-2021 11:05 am
I used to have all the maggie games in my childhood which I got by sending the cut outs of 2 minute noodle logo. Can anyone share the pictures of the "Who Done It!" mystery game if somebody still has it?

Gaurav Gandher
15-Dec-2020 10:59 pm
I was Maggi Club member in 90s too. Still having Fun book and few games. Was having membership card and a metal badge (which I'm not sure if I'm still having or not). But really miss those good old days. Wish something like that starts again would love to rejoin along with my kids.

17-Nov-2020 10:17 am
I am a Maggi club member in 90s .. its sweet memories to remember. Thanks

Karan Mehra
08-Nov-2020 09:52 pm
I love Maggi I want to get this

19-Oct-2020 06:37 pm
I was member in 1991. I like to Rejoin the Maggi club. I would like to make my daughter also to experience the same. please arrange similar activity.

01-Oct-2020 05:20 pm
Maggi club membership is highlight of my childhood. We were just thinking about eating and collecting 5 wrappers and mailing it to the Club and then wait for the postman to get the associated gift. It was such fun. I hope I can make my son a member of Maggi Club

Deep Sharma
26-Sep-2020 10:20 pm
In 90s I received number of games , magazine, still preserve maggi member ship cards.......while I always came from school........first word to my mom.....AAJ KOI MAGGI MAIL AYI HAI KYA......nostalgia feeling....I always egar to join MAGGI CLUB.......MAGGI CLUBBERS FUN LOVERS

Sandeep kumar
21-Sep-2020 09:25 pm
I was also a member of maggi club and got lots of gift in exchange of maggi wrappers I want to show my kids that what we used to do ..Can I be a member once again

Shweta thanvi Lohra
13-Sep-2020 11:57 pm
I want to join maggi club again

Sachin Kumar
03-Sep-2020 10:08 am
I was a member of Meggie club in 90's and love to eat meggie. Still Meggie is my one of favourite morning breakfast or Dinner. I want my son also be part of Meggie club and enjoy its games ...

Ismail Sayed
14-Aug-2020 11:18 pm
Finally I got hold of this. I have been searching for you'll since very long. You people have made my childhood so memorable. But unfortunately I can't do the same for my kid. So need those all board games which unfortunately I have lost them all. Can some please share images of all those board games. I can print and play with my kids.

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